March 27, 2009

Napkins..too many choices

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so many choices for napkins.

so many choices for napkins.


My ideas for a wedding cake

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I love the dot detail on this cake

I love the dot detail on this cake

I can’t decide what wedding cake topper I like.
Plain monogram with letter "B" for my cake

I can either do a "B" or a combitation of our initials "nBs"

Three more months to go!!

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Everything is just about completed which doesn’t seem fair because I’ve really like planning this wedding. My mother and her friends are getting ready to make the invitations and send them out. Nate doesn’t understand why you have to mail them, but I think getting a wedding invitiation is like getting a little gift from the bride and groom. Invitations should go out as early as next month. Please email me your address if you’re interested in coming to either our wedding ceremony in Kansas or just our reception in Washington. Or both! See our wedding website for accomodation ideas in Kansas. Our next big project is the CAKE. I already have my ideas I just need to secure it with someone to make it. One lady was going to charge me $1 a slice. I don’t know if this is normal, but it seems expensive. I have three different women to schedule appointments with so maybe their prices will be competitve.

March 21, 2009

My flower order is in

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Bride's bouquet

Bride's bouquet

On Friday I spent a few hours at Humble Flowers with Sharon and she helped me finalize my flower order. The majority of the flowers will be for people to wear, my bridesmaids and myself, a big arrangement on the stage, and table decorations. I am so excited about what I have and its going to be so beautiful. The bridesmaids will carry a single sunflower with greenery. Does anyone know what the name of the white flower in the pictures of my bouquet is?
guys flowers

guys flowers

lemon-lime centerpieces, but with white and yellow flowers

lemon-lime centerpieces, but with white and yellow flowers

March 19, 2009

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100 days till our Wedding!!!!!

candlelighters dress

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Right now I’m in the process of finding the right fabric for the candle lighters – Taylor and Miranda. Below are a few swatches of fabric I found at my local fabric store. I’m leaning towards the green on the left and/or the yellow in the middle left. If I go with the yellow I was also thinking of using this for Rachel’s dress with a clover colored sash like the other bridesmaid dresses. I’m not really finding a green that matches the Bridesmaid dresses from DB. Decisions, decisions.
fabric colors

Taylor and Miranda's Dress

Taylor and Miranda's Dress

March 17, 2009


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Today Rachel, my bridesmaid and Nathan’s sister Miranda went with me to Hobby Lobby to look at dress patterns. We found a really pretty pattern both my candle lighters will like. There just isn’t any nice, respectable dresses out there for 13 yr old girls. Why? Well, we ended shopping for almost 2 and 1/2 hours. The reason we were there so long is because Rachel suggested I look at the ribbons in the wedding section and to my excitement all their wedding stuff was 1/2 price!!!! I walked away buying all the ribbon I need for pew bows and a few odds and ends I needed to finish a few projects. $78 exactly and we were out the door. So far I’ve been very lucky to get all my wedding materials 1/2 price. Falls right into my slogan “Less is More”. hehe! 🙂 Now, I just need to find the material to make the dresses. Please pray I find some because so far nothing has come close.

March 5, 2009

my dress has arrived!!!

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My dress!!!

Melody’s Dress…so cute!

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Melody's dress